I'm still absolutely cynical about the Twitter Bluesky project. While not to discount the efforts of individual contributors, I just do not trust Twitter, Inc, to be capable of doing the right thing.

Remember Embrace, Extend, Extinguish?

semi-regular reminder that bluesky is vaporware. Real Artists Ship:


By the way is there a black instance on here? Or not even just a solely black instance like an instance that's like majority of people of colour? because I really don't feel like getting lectured by white people in this instance.

Fair note: the ActivityPub community largely reject fascists and this will not be a place of refuge.

I'm just thinking about this blog post I wrote in 2018. Because even when Twitter makes a good decision, the first sentence comes to mind: Why does the entire world have to wait on the CEO of one US company to make a decision?


I have AWS credits to burn, so this would be an effort under the umbrella of a legitimate California LLC.

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Who out there is doing work fighting against white supremacy and fascism? I have little money but a lot of time and would be more than happy to help those groups foster a community presence away from commercial social media platforms and onto the fediverse (hosting their activitypub instance for free, for instance).

building tootsuite/mastodon:v3.2.2 because it's not on docker hub yet. rip my VPS

Can we make 2021 the year of the Fediverse? Government agencies can adopt ActivityPub for their official social media presence. whitehouse.gov as a website could talk the AP protocol.

Is it just me or does ostatus.net suspiciously look like a honeypot? Who runs this?

In 1933, FDR created the Civilian Conservation Corps, which went on to employ 3m workers (5% of the US male workforce!) in projects whose benefit we still feel today: road- and trail-building, tree-planting, firefighting, infrastructure maintenance and more.


Eating some homemade lacto-fermented cabbage and carrots and enjoying every second of it #2020

Looks like the Fediverse is growing a bit more quickly the last few days.

4,210,123 accounts
+68 in the last hour
+3,116 in the last day
+11,560 in the last week

4,201,556 accounts
+51 in the last hour
+1,089 in the last day
+6,947 in the last week

Have you ever used search.social to search the fediverse?

#Poll #FediPoll

This is just a reminder that Twitter's Bluesky project is vaporware.

Y'all remember libraries? Those are fucking cool. I miss those.

Secretly thinking this whole NYPost thing is hilarious. You know, nothing is stopping publishers/media from running their own ActivityPub-based web infra.

I can wish and hope anything I want on jonleibowitz dot social

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