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just a semi-regular reminder that I maintain a list of AP implementations and it sees infrequent update from time to time:

Better lists are available elsewhere such as the Awesome-Fediverse list or the Feneas/Fediverse.Party watchlist for activitypub apps:



✔ Overview of recent #ActivityPub projects

• Ocelot Social - social and knowledge network for active citizenship:

• Dharma - community-building platform for Eve Online corporations:

• Vagabond - social network built with security and privacy in mind:

• hvxahv - multifunctional network based on AP, ipfs and Matrix protocols:

For all projects visit: |

Twitter has publicly launched their #Bluesky discord and theres ton of people joining it right now cause it was just boosted by Jack. I got them to set up a #fediverse channel and many folks are there discussing the fediverse in relation to the future of twitter. I think its important to make our voices heard there, whatever they may be. Right now there are way too many crypto people trying to push that direction. Come along for a ride!

And yes I know, there's a lot of fediverse skepticism for BlueSky, and yes, I have my own skepticism, but skepticism does not mean that good things won't happen, just that it will be a hard fight to make good things happen. I like Jay a lot and think she is very thoughtful (she's the one that did the overview report, and that was definitely a very good document), so I am cautiously hopeful. But this is something best demonstrated by doing so we will see.

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It seems the bluesky people over at Twitter have finally picked a lead to start work on their (totally not vaporware) initiative for open and decentralized social media standards. *yawn*

What would #ActivityPub be like in 2021 if #Mastodon never achieved its mainstream status?

No wrong answers.

We have 2 talks tonight, "Putting #Containers on Waiters" and "An Introduction to the #Fediverse"

Thanks to Sebastian and @murph !

Tonight at 19:00 UTC-7

We use #BigBlueButton for our virtual meetings

The following Tuesday is the Free Software #Stammtisch also at 19:00 in #BBB

Next month we'll have MySQL Community Manager Dave Stokes filling our brains with MySQL optimizations

#FLOSSevent #LocalGroup #FLOX

Shout out to @DavidBlue's excellent collection of Mastodon iOS clients, great list found linked in this issue:

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On this day, twelve years ago, Mr. Evan Prodromou published the first fediverse post. We are very happy to see how far the fediverse has come since then, and are looking forward to join it officially once our federation is working.

Happy Birthday, Fedi!

#HappyFedi2U #Fediverse12

Seeing #fediverse13 trending makes me happy! It seems appropriate that the fediverse is finally a teenager. I can't wait till it turns 30 and gets its shit together. Now we just gotta focus on teaching the fedi lots of good lessons and showing it how to communicate effectively and in a nonviolent way. Teaching it how to cook for itself, showing it good etiquette when its staying over at a friends house, like offering to wash all the dishes or grabbing a broom and sweeping without anyone asking.

Party Time 🎉

I hardly use birdsite for obvious reasons, but for #fediverse13 I can make another exception.

Our campaign today on this festive #fediverse birthday is to get more humans off toxic media. Here's my - what birdsite calls 'tweet' - via #nitter

Read all about our campaigns today, and send some #reintroductions or boost others..


Are there any #fediverse people around the Greater Phoenix area?

on the / .

Right now the only Los Angeles-area journalist I know is @passthejoe, there's gotta be more out there.

Twitter's launching a campaign to mark .

Local journalists are exactly the type of persona who should be adopting the open web / ActivityPub social cloud.

Happy International Workers’ Day.

"Our labor creates all wealth." Ricardo Levins Morales, Northland Poster Collective, 2004

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