@jon @write_as hey what is this project? this sounds like something I would want to be involved in!

@jon @write_as I just answered my own question on your about page! well yes this is totally something I am trying to help with so let me know how I can help!

@liaizon I would love any help that I can get. Longer term plans involve setting up some sort of framework or organizational structure to advocate for Fediverse Adoption(tm) by community groups, organizers, and media. Right now I'm sort of testing the waters and seeing what interest is out there.

@jon in talks with someone in the "art world" who wants to start a large instance for net artists. they want it to be 5-15k. Was already looking into who would be willing to help get it started and such. Maybe you would like to be involved.

@jon There are a number of really active facebook groups in I can think of that would move here if someone went through the work of helping them get set up.

@jon Looks like a great project! Will be following along with @subscribe.

If there's anything we can do to help out besides with hosting the site, please let us know!

cc @matt @cjeller

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