Fedi Meta 

Want to know why we are making an alternative to mastodon ?

Here is what we have in mind parast.at

#FediAdmin #MastoDev

For people reading this who would like to contribute to an *existing* fediverse software project that is not Mastodon, try these:
• The glitch-soc fork: github.com/glitch-soc/mastodon
• Misskey: joinmisskey.github.io/
• microblog.pub: microblog.pub/
• Kibou: git.cybre.club/kibouproject/ki
• Dolphin: github.com/syuilo/dolphin
• Rustodon: github.com/rustodon/rustodon
• Pleroma: pleroma.social/
• GNU Social: gnu.io/social


@impiaaa the Cambrian explosion of diversity in the ActivityPub ecosystem is an indicator of healthiness. It's nice to see *another* one.

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