hi fediverse!

back in January, 100000 years ago, I got a chance to talk with @darius about running friend.camp; why hometown, his fork of mastodon, is currently needed to create safer spaces; human-scaled social media; and trust networks and technology, for an interview in @logic.

we just recently released that conversation for free online. check it out!


also, I decided to create this instance after reading Darius’s runyourown.social, with the intention of creating a little community. as many folks know, that’s a lot of work to do well and having a one person instance isn’t much fun imo. also, I stood it up on Amazon and it’s both surprisingly expensive and, well, Amazon.

so, I’ve decided to shut down this instance. if you’d like to follow me, plz do! @christa. it’ll be pretty quiet since most my posts are local but follows welcome

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@christa @christa What's your spend on AWS? Have you looked elsewhere for affordable infrastructure, or for managed hosting such as @mastohost? I don't know if they support Hometown though.

@jon @christa @mastohost it’s expensive (like, notably) and I just decided what I was getting out of hosting my own instance wasn’t worth the time investment of migrating to somewhere else or working to reduce costs, especially when I already had an account on friend camp. I know it can be cheaper, just came to terms with fact that I had many projects and little time, and it’s ok if not all last forever.


@christa if you're looking for alternatives and decide down the road to resume a presence in this space, something a bit simpler could be to use the ActivityPub plugin within WordPress. Other things to look at could potentially be Write.as/WriteFreely. At least you're not throwing any more money at Bezos though.

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