I think I'm going to pivot Instance.Community into a project to explore and chip away against Mastocentrism within the self-organized interoperable social cloud.

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don't get me wrong here, I think the project is great and love it wholeheartedly, which is why I run my own instance. the motivation is to see it become something better.


See this post:

I think Federated Identities is the missing piece. I should be able to participate in every aspect of the social cloud, while using only one identity for all of them.

(Unless I have some reason to create other identities. Although a dark pattern there is 'Sock Puppets'.)

This makes it simple and it means a video I post on PeerTube can be cross referenced to my Mastodon toots and Lemmy posts, everything linking back to the one identity.

@derek no real plans. mind you, I'm not a dev and the best I can do is to run non-masto apps myself and help others in doing that too.

@jon Are you running a Pleroma instance? We just released a new front end for Pleroma and I would love to get some feedback.

@derek not at the moment, but I can probably spin something up to test it out. Link?

@jon Here is link to install GORF-FE. It is a twitter clone. Thought it would be best to make Twitter people easy converts.

Here is link to Resources page. We are working on nice directory to make it easy for people to find an instance they will like:

@jon or you could just register at and check it out.

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