Folks in the , you should really be pushing for content management systems that natively support and interact within the ActivityPub ecosystem. Journalists and Media can be participants here *today* with the right software.

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Isn't there already a WordPress plugin that implements ActivityPub? And a surprising number of news and other kinds of article-centered websites run WordPress. Just try going to /wp-admin/ on some :)

@grishka @jon Yes, there are a few integrations for the ActivityPub protocol for systems such as Drupal and Wordpress. It's a step in the right direction, but these systems are not themselves developed around federation concepts. In a lot of cases, federation can feel tacked-on, as a consequence.

@jon enabling #RSS would be a "great first issue" in the liberating road paved by #activitypub 🙂

Seriously though, it is simply *inexcusable* that, especially, public entities disable / remove RSS feeds and ask people to join them in the X,Y,Z platform to get updates

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