Can we collectively come up with a better name than "Fediverse"? How does Open Web, with interoperable social extensions sound?


no offense to the people who coined the original term but I think it's poor branding.

"Earlest known mention of the Fediverse was in 2013 by Mikael Nordfeldth in a W3C mailing list for the Federated Social Web Community Group" according to its wiktionary entry:


I don't think 'branding' applies to anything as decentralized as the Fediverse. In many ways the term is more akin to a folksonomy/hashtag than a nym.

@jackwilliambell Noted, but it's a descriptor that came from someone and is in common use. I think a better descriptor awaits.


Well, to the good it isn't an 'official' name; so the first time anyone uses something more catchy and someone else copies – boom you get your wish.

Of course, that means the old hands will bitch and the memes will flow and the newbies will be confused. But that's just how things work now.

Welcome to the [insert catchy name here].

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