Fighting against the dominant ideology on the language field has always been hard. We have lost so many words; democracy, freedom, development, green, etc.

It seems that we are loosing yet another word, #decentralization.

Welcome the #web3

@dimitrisk use hashtags to regain the words, half the problem is us #stupidindividualism #fashernista #geekproblem so we are also half the solution.

@witchescauldron @dimitrisk

I think we need our own new word, and a word that still stands upon #decentralization

A word we commonly use, and makes it clear that #web3 is just another fork of decentralization.

And I mean Web3 has zero inspirational value, right? The 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc. versioning scheme has become entirely meaningless.

We should be able to come up with something better for our own #commons branch of The Decentralized Web.

@witchescauldron @dimitrisk

We have a bunch of hashtags for desired characteristics already. #SmallWeb, #Weblite, #CalmTech, etc.

This here #Fediverse is about doing #Social right this time, agree? #SocialNetworkingReimagined

Why do we need #Web even? It's where a spider catches flies.

We could be #SocialFabric.

Fabrics are things of human creation. Cloth. Intricate beauty woven by people, artisans, craftsmen. Then when we create social fabric apps we know they wield the fediverse.


@humanetech I was hoping that "Social Cloud" could be a thing, I like as well.

Been saying for a while that there's too much technobabble in this space, and what we need now is more clarity.

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