Hello from Los Angeles! I've been running my own instance for a few years now from a DigitalOcean vps so feel free to ask for help or advice. I kind of lurk around more often than making active posts but I have strong feelings about communities, transportation, and ethics in technology.

@jon looks like you self host a mastodon instance. How much data does it use a month for you? How many users are you hosting?

@jjgadget single-user instance, and I haven't looked that closely at resource consumption to be honest (maybe around 50-100 GB per month but that could be a lot higher for multi-user instances)

@jon mastodon alone is 50-100GB a month because of the federation? That's wild

@jjgadget I'll have to figure out what's eating so much traffic. my DigitalOcean panel is showing me aggregate traffic stats and I have multiple servers, it's not all from mastodon alone but this is probably the most high-profile public thing being hosted there.

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