@Gargron will Mastodon be in a place to see, theoretically, more frequent (or time-based) releases? Is there anything the community can do to facilitate a regular release cadence?

🎉 First release candidate for #Mastodon 3.1.0 is out for testing:


There are security-related fixes, improvements of admin functions like search by IP, announcements, bookmarks, and more.

@liaizon I think Dreamhost still has XMPP available on domains hosted through them.

@judeswae I think homebrew-bundle is built-in these days, you can run `brew bundle dump` to write a Brewfile including all of your installed packages including casks.

By the way I was not clever and did not coin that term independently, but it fits corporate media better than a system that was built by and for the commons.

We should start calling corporate, centralized social media "the feudalverse"

if you're starting an "instance of one" you *really* need to fully examine your options before choosing a particular piece of software. I would recommend doing your homework before jumping directly into this.

re: activitypub vs capitalism 

Now releasing: FediverseCast episode 3!

In this episode I talk about how the Fediverse doesn't actually solve any of social media's problems... but how it might!



Put your phone down. Step away from the computer. Not forever, just for a couple minutes.

@felix For a single instance, Terraform or Docker swarm. Kube makes sense if it's purely an academic exercise or if you have bunch of instances.

Now we're going to war and I'm still angry about those kids in cages.


Why don't public agencies run ActivityPub compliant web services? If I'm being taxed at least that public money should fund a fellow fedi admin.

In this first episode of Fediverse Friday, I talk about what the Fediverse is and and what it isn't.

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