If you want to run your own #Mastodon instance but don't want to do techie stuff, you can get fully managed hosting from Masto.Host:


They're also on Mastodon at:


You control your instance, they do the behind-the-scenes technical maintenance.


Want to use a link shortener on #Mastodon?

Don't! :blobsurprised: All links in Mastodon posts count for 23 characters, no matter how long they really are.

(via @jond )


@dukhovni I love hearing about MIT hosting its own instance!

The year is 2019 and I can’t buy a good majority of consumer technology because we lack privacy legislation and consumer protections. Example: it’s absurd that my TV came with spyware that can’t be turned off or avoided; I had to stop it from phoning home at the network level. It also came with an arbitration clause and a clause waiving the right to a class action lawsuit.

Hey folks, does anyone have any good resources on how the serverless teams at AWS, Microsoft, Google, et. al. operate their platforms? I.E. signals used for disambiguating function health from platform health, what is a pageable moment, managing platform upgrades, etc.

I work at an office on Wilshire in #DTLA, all our neighbors have Spectrum but @GetSpectrum@twitter.com wants $34k to pull coax into our building?!? @MayorOfLA@twitter.com the cable monopoly in #LosAngeles is another area you haven't shown leadership on.

RIP Sears, vulture capitalism at its logical conclusion will consume us all.

Welcome to 2019, traveler from 2009. The brief:
-sysadmins are now "ops"
-servers are all just "cloud" something
-algorithms are "AI"
-DBs are "blockchains"
-Everything that spies on people is "smart"

Good luck. And update your CV with the above words.

Does anyone know if media organizations are interested in making a home here in the ?

It seems that journalists should be tooting off here, either instead of or in addition to posting to centralized services.

Ansible propaganda, stolen from reddit.com/r/linuxadmin. Most enlightened comment: "Stop logging into your servers folks. It doesn't scale."

Did you know that you might have access to Lynda.com through your local #library?!


That's access to free courses and all kinds of stuff from #Programing to #DevOps, #3DPRinting to #eBook #Publishing! Blogging, advertising, and all sorts of content!

We're using this to train new employees where I work and I can vouch for the quality of most of the content. Check with your local library and learn something 😃

@crazypedia some public libraries even have O'Reilly Safari Books Online

I'm going to stop being lazy and manage my sundry Cloudflare zones exclusively through Terraform instead of CF's web front-end. Any pointers here? Already using an S3-compatible storage for remote state.

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