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We're excited to announce the ActivityPub conf 2020 keynotes!

Opening up the conference we have a panel featuring the editors/authors of the ActivityPub panel: Jessica Tallon (@tsyesika), Amy Guy (@rhiaro), Erin Shepherd, and Evan Prodromou, with me moderating! (Hear from everyone else this time!)

Wrapping things up is Darius Kazemi (@darius) presenting "Let's Play and Win Our Own Game"!

See the whole lineup:


Update: Marqueece Harris-Dawson's Twitter account is still suspended. Yes, Twitter has suspended the account of a sitting city council member.

A sitting city council member of Los Angeles was suspended from Twitter today, in case anyone needed any more proof of the decline that service is in. This kinda should be an alarm bell.

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Not that I think this would be necessary; there is no one in the administration with the competency and the sophistication to adopt this space as an option.

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Can we start a preemptive *isolate from the Fediverse* yet?

@Gargron At least with a trademark you could have a bit more control over that.

@Gargron unsolicited advice but I think that you should have trademarked "Mastodon" much earlier in the game. Now you have sites using different top-level domains that all purport to be "Mastodon" and it's a huge source of confusion.

No Twitter ❌ The world has progressed past the need for Twitter

@christa if you're looking for alternatives and decide down the road to resume a presence in this space, something a bit simpler could be to use the ActivityPub plugin within WordPress. Other things to look at could potentially be At least you're not throwing any more money at Bezos though.

Sorry about any 502s, I reserve the right to upgrade my instance without prior warning.

@christa @christa What's your spend on AWS? Have you looked elsewhere for affordable infrastructure, or for managed hosting such as @mastohost? I don't know if they support Hometown though.

College Peak2 LosAngeles located at 34.017124,-118.014748. Altitude: 365m

@mastodonusercount Looks like someone's spinning up a big instance right now.

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