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@dansup looks rad! thank you for doing what you do to push this ecosystem forward.

💶🏆💵 Know an individual, team, or organization creating #OpenSource #software for good? Tell them to apply for the 2022 Pizzigati Prize, which celebrates software #developers and awards cash grants. #FreeSoftware #FLOSS

shockingly, Twitter of all organizations is putting more of an effort into trying out the Fedi. There's an "unofficial" mastodon instance paid for/run by Twitter Bluesky:


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You can't call yourself a leader in the decentralized web if you do not at the very least try to participate in the ActivityPub space. Looking at you, Mozilla and Internet Archive.

@pixouls Why does this "leader in the decentralized web movement" not have a presence on the interoperable, standards-driven ActivityPub ecosystem?

@jkuester @rysiek

What I think would probably be another version of that would be if someone was issued a Fedi account by their employer or educational institution.

Two examples of this:

@rysiek Do most people care how their email services are hosted? This is the ultimate wide-scale interoperable federated service.

made a few edits on the converting redlinks (articles that don't exist yet) into interwiki links to Wikipedia.

I'm not the greatest at writing original content but my initial impression is there should be more focus on showing creators/organizations how they can adopt the ActivityPub ecosystem on their existing web presence. is the real .

Mozilla's now backpedaling on the crypto statement they made a few days ago. Good time to remind the org they can decentralize and stay true to

I also note that the Linux Foundation doesn't appear to have a presence in the Fediverse or on any open platforms, instead choosing only to use the centralised proprietary technologies of their board members' employers.

@PG_Kelly @wjmaggos Running your own Mastodon is a bit ambitious - many folks like Horton have their own WordPress sites and can join/post to the fedi by way of an ActivityPub plugin.

@cwebber I think people at have similar ideas and are thinking about where this could lead (they don't use blockchain today but are considering it when feasible):

Happy 2022. It looks like the SoCal Linux Expo (SCALE) is still happening this year (hopefully!):

@stux how about a frequent and predictable release schedule?

The #WebOfAgency

That's the name I'll use for #Fediverse to distinguish from the old web where we lose agency, and from Web3 and Dweb that coopted #decentralization

A web that empowers and people are in control of their life their freedom and their destiny. A place where society can flourish online. Where humans not only interact, but act and do together.

Fedi is #SocialFabric that weaves a #Peopleverse and you are part of it. We buld this thing together. All of us.

Why don't we use #SocialFabric to distinguish our fork in the #decentralization movement from the non-inspirational #Web3?

Why do we even need the analogy of a spider's Web where typically flies are caught. Captured, wrapped in, then sucked from their juices, their life flowing out from them.

Let's move beyond #Web. We are about doing #Social right, do you agree?

#Fediverse #FediverseFutures #SocialNetworkingReimagined #UnitedInDiversity

Is this now the self-organized, interoperable, self-certifying social fabric (cloud)?

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