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Growing HashiCorp From Dorm Room OSS is Saturday''s #SCaLE17x keynote from Mitchell Hashimoto, co-founder of HashCorp

10:00 in Ballroom DE

#FLOSSconf #FLOX #Pasadena

Hi, for some reason I am unable to follow you from my Mastodon instance but it's great to reconnect with you at

Quincy, WA is a weird city. On the one hand it’s a tiny farming town of 7000 people. On the other hand it’s got some of the most massive data infrastructure anywhere, and between that and cheap hydro power they’ve had to place a moratorium on bitcoin miners coming to town.

Welcome to the Fediverse! A BoF for people interested in ActivityPub, Mastodon, PixelFed, Plume, Pleroma, GNU Social, Matrix, GetTogether or other Free Software social networking services.

Sound good for a BoF description for Saturday night at 21:00?

#SCaLE17x #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevents #FLOX

the #SCaLE17x job board will be available Friday

the facility no longer has white boards, so SCaLE went ahead and ordered a bulletin board for us. Unfortunately, it won't arrive until tomorrow

Tonight's BoFs are on the schedule (Adtech Anonymous; Dart and Flutter)

The job networking team is hosting a resume review as our annual Job and Career-Search Tips and Best Practices

Friday at 19:00 in Ballroom C

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevents #FLOX #Pasadena

Headed to #SCaLE17x this weekend? We could use your help at the Conservancy booth! Ping here or email events at tix.sfconservancy dot org

#SCaLE17x has two BoFs tonight, both at 19:00

Adtech Anonymous, Ballroom A

Online ads are awful - if you are or have been employed in that industry, this BoF is for mutual support and commiseration. Recruiters not welcome.

Dart and Flutter, Ballroom B

We'll be chatting about Dart (including Flutter), the language of all platforms: Server, Browser, iOS, Android, Desktop (soon), iOT (soon).

#FLOSSevents #FLOSSconf #FLOX

#Fediverse #BoF at #SCaLE17x


I could set one up for Saturday at 21:00 or at 20:00 during UpSCALE

Alternatively, we could have a fediverse flash mob for dinner Friday night at 18:00 and still have time to make it to the jobs BoF @ 19:00

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevents #FLOSSjobs

This picture looks just like the one I took last year. #scale17x

RT @nonewnypd

Do you even know that it costs more to arrest 30k people for farebeating than to give them free access to the train?

This is what we had to do after your fiasco put fear into our community.


2,117,077 accounts
+108 in the last hour
+2,372 in the last day
+20,495 in the last week

Guess what??? Today is the first day of #SCaLE17x can't wait to get there and hang out with some amazing people!

#SCaLE17x public service announcement

According to some newsite in Arizona, which doesn't participate in the time wrenching shenanigans, Sunday at SCaLE an hour will be stolen from our schedule

"daylight-saving time change at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 10"

Change your clocks or you'll miss the MySQL diaspora keynote

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevents

If you're in Pasadena this weekend for , I highly recommend taking part in the city's Art Night (free shuttle buses!):

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