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I know the #acticitypub meetup at #scale17x is happing now. Thank you all you wonderful #fediverce cats who came by and said hello. I'm home chilling in my PJs cause I'm too old to party.

I'll see some of you tomorrow I hope. 🀘😁🀘

#Fediverse #BoF tonight at 21:00 in Ballroom C

Attend our first Mastodon Moot :)

Open to all fediversians, regardless of platform

#SCaLE17x #FLOX #FLOSSconf

Today, at 21:00 Pacific time, there is going to be a #Fediverse / #ActivityPub "bird of feather" session at the Southern California Linux Expo, Ballroom C

via @jon

"We are told that cars are about freedom of choice. But every aspect of this assault on our lives is assisted by state planning and subsidy. Roads are built to accommodate projected traffic, which then grows to fill the new capacity. Streets are modelled to maximise the flow of cars. Pedestrians and cyclists are squeezed by planners into narrow and often dangerous spaces"

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Growing HashiCorp From Dorm Room OSS is Saturday''s #SCaLE17x keynote from Mitchell Hashimoto, co-founder of HashCorp

10:00 in Ballroom DE

#FLOSSconf #FLOX #Pasadena

Hi, for some reason I am unable to follow you from my Mastodon instance but it's great to reconnect with you at

Quincy, WA is a weird city. On the one hand it’s a tiny farming town of 7000 people. On the other hand it’s got some of the most massive data infrastructure anywhere, and between that and cheap hydro power they’ve had to place a moratorium on bitcoin miners coming to town.

Welcome to the Fediverse! A BoF for people interested in ActivityPub, Mastodon, PixelFed, Plume, Pleroma, GNU Social, Matrix, GetTogether or other Free Software social networking services.

Sound good for a BoF description for Saturday night at 21:00?

#SCaLE17x #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevents #FLOX

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