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Does anyone know of a nonprofit, media organization, public agency, etc who is interested in establishing a Fediverse presence? I'd like to see more organizations with instances.

Public Transit Projects Cheaper Than Uber's $5.2 Billion Q2 Losses, Ranked

Please fund more transit for people instead of pernicious capitalist nightmares for rich sycophants.

And that's it... we have 40 attendees! ActivityPub Conf 2019 registration is closed!

Looks like a great group; see all you who registered there!

Are there implementations/forks that should be added to this list? Please let me know:

! Happy birthday Internet! April 7, 1969 was the date of publication for RFC 1, Steve Crocker's proposal for host software for the new Interface Message Processor hardware.

Did the European Parliament just outlaw the only Europe-made social network with #Article13?

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It was only a matter of time. A piece of my High School internet history just died: music during MySpace’s first 12 years just vanished into thin air

Los Angeles! EFF's @elliotharmon will be presenting at @crashspaceLA next Wednesday 3/20 on how the pervasiveness of digital locks & DRM tech have affected the hacker & tinkerer communities.

I mostly write about security and such, but every now and again I get to churn out a massive story about how to quit Twitter and start a new life here on Masto. I tried to cover as many bases as possible, but lmk if I missed anything really important!

💰 🌍 💻

My team just activated our next round of $100,000 USD for #OpenSource projects that support work at the nexus of humanitarian action, development, and peace.

Please spread the words to #FreeSoftware projects working to make the world better.

Read more and apply by 15 April:


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Medieval diseases are spreading across California’s homeless population:

Los Angeles recently experienced an outbreak of typhus—a disease spread by infected fleas on rats and other animals—in downtown streets. Officials briefly closed part of City Hall after reporting that rodents had invaded the building.

Prevention of these diseases is largely related to sanitation, rather than vaccines (there is a vaccine called BCG that prevents tuberculosis, but it’s not typically used in the US), so it’s not directly related to anti-vax concerns, but it is alarming none-the-less.

Thank you to the awesome attendees of @socallinuxexpo for voting us most passionate .org! We’re so lucky to have amazing supporters who stand behind our work.

We are truly honored! #SCaLE17x

I opened the BoFs board for job posting last night after the BoFs ended

Hope everyone enjoyed the BoFs this year!

The first board is completely full, let's see how much the second board fills up on the last day

#SCaLE17x #FLOX #FLOSSconf #FLOSSjobs

I know the #acticitypub meetup at #scale17x is happing now. Thank you all you wonderful #fediverce cats who came by and said hello. I'm home chilling in my PJs cause I'm too old to party.

I'll see some of you tomorrow I hope. 🤘😁🤘

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