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Hey, if you were telling your friend about Mastodon, which of its defining characteristics would you mention?

Follow up to this - if you're involved with a nonprofit, public agency, media/journalism, or grassroots organizing, and want to explore an official Fediverse presence with a technical partner handling backend details, get in contact:

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Can anyone recommend a good @peertube instance for an African-American solidarity economy project that is not ready to host its own instance?

So the cool part about Mastodon, right? You don't need to be on the same domain as other people to talk to them. You can sign-up on or invite your friends to:

And many others, and still be able to talk to the world / follow your friends on and vice versa.

Please help those servers grow by spreading the word about them! (And if you are interested in starting a new server, you can do that too!)


I'm kicking around the idea of getting into the Mastodon hosting business, but targeted towards grassroots organizers, nonprofits, and other community groups. Quietly launching a beta: if you want an instance send an email to info <at>

Hey any #Spanish speakers wanna take a turn running There are thousands of people trying to figure this place out and they are currently asking about it on twitter. #Fediverse #Mastodon #MastoDev #HelpWanted #YoMigroaMastodon #HablasEspañol

3,687,772 accounts
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+2,857 in the last day
+12,616 in the last week

Welcome to Mastodon, and specifically! Please be mindful of the code of conduct you agreed to when you signed up.

If for whatever reason you disagree with the rules on, Mastodon offers you a selection of 2,000+ other servers and the ability to start your own.


Things I wanna see in 2020: More than 5K servers, more than 5M users, more than 1M monthly active users, more artists and musicians, more journalists, and for more people to use the goddamn #caturday hashtag when posting cats on a saturday

Registration #A97883 - 1936-09-17
Title: The worst is yet to come
Author: Brauer, William Wallace
Claimants: W. W. Brauer
No renewal record found.

The Fediverse's tipping point is arriving. Brace yourselves.

When agencies, institutions, brands, celebs, media, et cetera come to the fedi with their own instances, what will the "tipping point" look like?

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414,208 accounts
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+498 in the last day
+4,555 in the last week

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