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Sadly, was discontinued but, thanks to the efforts of @tobias, it is being reincarnated as

Follow here: @switchingsoftware


Thank you, Tobias. And thank you to the original anonymous person who created and maintained it until now.

I think most importantly, I want to see the internet transition from a network of a few corporate giants to a network of thousands of small, well-connected organizations. Rather than sustainability via multibillion dollar corporation budgets, sustainablity via grassroots user-funded sources and low operational expenses. Cooperation over competition.

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so uh since i guess you found it, is my new project. It's a search engine for the fediverse, it's not an archive nor anything malicious. You can easily opt-out (like you would normally do for any search engine), deletes are deleted, and it's not an archive!

And while I mentioned some of our features that are exclusive to today, of course you can get the same writing experience with the free and open-source software behind it all, #WriteFreely.

Find a federated instance to join here:

Start your own instance here:

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Today's the last day to get 20% off a Pro subscription for @write_as. It's the best blogging software/site I've ever used, because it respects both me and my readers.

I published my entire @365-rfcs blog on and it was glorious.

I've been calculating the price of running an small Mastodon instance (less than 50 users).

* DigitalOcean tier 2 VPS: 10$/mo (1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 15GB SSD)
* Backups (20% of monthly cost, about 2$/mo)
* Domain (Namecheap, .club), 2$ first year

So about 12$/mo. Not expensive. And quite funny. Let's deploy your own instance!

Proud of how the server architecture of and the code of Mastodon is keeping up with the load, but wishing for this to transform into new Mastodon servers springing up.

If you were considering starting a Mastodon server, right now would be a pretty good time. Anyone can do it from source, see docs:

There are also hosting providers (not affiliated with me) which are super easy to work with without technical knowledge, like and

☝️ If you started a new server for the Spanish community, let me know and I'll give you a shout out.

There's a few basic requirements for it to be listed on as well, such as having a backup admin ("bus factor" 😅) and having some basic rules against harassment, so if you pass those as well I'll gladly put your server on

Here those requirements are spelled out:

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@Gargron Real moderation (no nazis/bullying), non-commercial (no ads), federation (distributed ownership, resilience)

Hey, if you were telling your friend about Mastodon, which of its defining characteristics would you mention?

My favorite service to host is #Mastodon.

It‘s high quality all around: The frontend is nice and easy to use, it has all the features I expect and setup + maintenance are uncomplicated. I’ve never run in major trouble in more than 2 years of hosting my instance.

Kudos to @Gargron and all the other developers! 👏

Follow up to this - if you're involved with a nonprofit, public agency, media/journalism, or grassroots organizing, and want to explore an official Fediverse presence with a technical partner handling backend details, get in contact:

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Can anyone recommend a good @peertube instance for an African-American solidarity economy project that is not ready to host its own instance?

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