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"your 8 cents a day" should be contributed back into the digital commons fwiw

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Australians should be asking why isn't publishing their government funded content directly into the social cloud by way of ActivityPub protocols.

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @flockingbird & @flockingbird (blog) - New project, aims to be Fediverse's alternative to LinkedIn

🌟 @Solus - Linux distribution aimed at home users

🌟 @thebench - Video channel about radiation, radioactivity and urban exploration

🌟 @catstar - Pictures of cats

🌟 @athenaproductions - Irreverent video blog about mythology, history and culture

🌟 @monviolon - Collection of free/libre sheet music and recordings, mainly traditional

@christian_zerfass @gerald_leppert Does the Fediverse 'need' to grow? Isn't Mastodon sustainable already, since it doesn't rely on VC funding on the promise of future profits? I really can't follow any more good people ... ;)

What if there was a technology which enabled orgs to host their content on the Internet, which didn’t require people to go through a third party platform to access them?

Something available on a world wide basis, perhaps.

They could offer a really simply syndication system too.


See this post:

I think Federated Identities is the missing piece. I should be able to participate in every aspect of the social cloud, while using only one identity for all of them.

(Unless I have some reason to create other identities. Although a dark pattern there is 'Sock Puppets'.)

This makes it simple and it means a video I post on PeerTube can be cross referenced to my Mastodon toots and Lemmy posts, everything linking back to the one identity.

There's one thing I think the #Fediverse is missing: Federated identities.

Let's suppose I have a #Mastodon identity. (I do. I even operate my own Mastodon server so that identity is fully under my control.) But now I want to participate in a different Fediverse activity, say on a Lemmy server – now I have to create a new identity there, one entirely disconnected from my 'main' identity here on Rusted Neuron.

This seems both wasteful and overly complicated from a UI perspective.

don't get me wrong here, I think the project is great and love it wholeheartedly, which is why I run my own instance. the motivation is to see it become something better.

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I think I'm going to pivot Instance.Community into a project to explore and chip away against Mastocentrism within the self-organized interoperable social cloud.

Lemmy is the Fediverse's alternative to Reddit, allowing discussion and link-sharing in a familiar format. It's FOSS and federated, so different communities are hosted on different servers.

βœ… You can try out Lemmy on its flagship server at or find out more at

It's currently only federating between Lemmy servers, but it will eventually federate with other Fediverse server types like Mastodon etc.

#FediTips #Fediverse #Reddit #Alternatives

just a semi-regular reminder that I maintain a list of AP implementations and it sees infrequent update from time to time:

Better lists are available elsewhere such as the Awesome-Fediverse list or the Feneas/Fediverse.Party watchlist for activitypub apps:



unsurprisingly Clubhouse is a tire fire of privacy flaws stemming from bad design. SV, give us less Clubhouses and more interoperable social clouds.

Flockingbird aims to be a decentralised FOSS social network for professionals, like a Fediverse version of LinkedIn. It's currently in development, you can follow at:

➑️ @flockingbird


➑️ @flockingbird (blog)

The project website is at

#FlockingBird #FOSS #LinkedIn #Alternatives #Fediverse #Federated #Business #Professionals #Professional #SelfHosting #ActivityPub

2021 Year of the Self-organizing Interoperable Social Cloud

Today, EFF published "Privacy Without Monopoly: Data Protection and Interoperability," a major new paper by Bennett Cyphers and me.

It's a paper that tries to resolve the tension between demanding that tech platforms gather, retain and mine less of our data, and the demand that platforms allow alternatives (nonprofits, co-ops, tinkerers, startups) to connect with their services.


#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @Framasoft - France's largest promoter of FOSS (in French)

🌟 @penpot - A new free open source prototyping and design platform

🌟 @opensciencevids - Public Domain and Creative Commons videos about science

🌟 @GrassrootsReview - Initiative supporting open academic review journals

🌟 @thelinuxexperiment - Video channel about Linux OS, Linux software, Linux phones etc.

🌟 @andabata & @andabata - Beautiful macro photos of nature

is there any lightweight, hackable (python, nodejs, or rust) fediverse server? like just using sqlite and the filesystem, for running very small instances?

(trying to talk myself out of writing one, like i need any more side projects...)

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