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Bluesky thinking of a "governance" body of the fedivers - If it does not have elephants running around throwing paper planes it's likely the wrong structure #bluesky thinking

Another fantastic @[email protected] piece. While I'm completely sympathetic to folks finding a place to write & get paid, he must know another corporate Silicon Valley silo isn't the real solution. I wish he'd talk about what's really needed too. #fediverse

anyone read that Guardian / alt-right Fediverse article yet? It's *wild* how off-base this is.

Follow, subscribe, participate, stay socially distant, and JOIN EFF!

Activate your Disaster Recovery Plan: How Ma Bell did it. Miracle on Second Avenue.

Literally the only real reason anyone cares about anything blockchain-related is because they think if they speculate, it'll make them rich. There's literally no other reason. And they're willing to risk the future of this world to become rich off of pure speculation. Ugh.

ugh. just disabling trending hashtags on mastodon because, well, yeah. enough.

Thanks for bringing in our 6th year with us this month! 🎂

my hot take on what Twitter is doing lately: 

"Those who do not understand the Fediverse are condemned to reinvent it, poorly."

Rethinking #Humanity and the Role of the #Fediverse

Yes that's a grand title, dear fedizens :)

With #FediverseFutures on #SocialHub I encourage all of you to think about bigger pictures and roles fedi can play in them.

With the enormous rise in popularity of #decentralization we should think to what extent fediverse is applicable. Are we mostly Microblogging++ or can our tech be a true backbone to society?

Think out-of-the-box, join forum discussion. Boosts welcome..

Twitter today: Plane engines on fire

Fedi today: Cats

Mission Update. Tune in Feb. 22 at 11am PT (2pm ET/1900 GMT) to hear how @NASAPersevere’s first couple of days on Mars have gone and to see what’s next for the smartest rover on the Red Planet. #CountdownToMars

"your 8 cents a day" should be contributed back into the digital commons fwiw

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Australians should be asking why isn't publishing their government funded content directly into the social cloud by way of ActivityPub protocols.

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @flockingbird & @flockingbird (blog) - New project, aims to be Fediverse's alternative to LinkedIn

🌟 @Solus - Linux distribution aimed at home users

🌟 @thebench - Video channel about radiation, radioactivity and urban exploration

🌟 @catstar - Pictures of cats

🌟 @athenaproductions - Irreverent video blog about mythology, history and culture

🌟 @monviolon - Collection of free/libre sheet music and recordings, mainly traditional

@christian_zerfass @gerald_leppert Does the Fediverse 'need' to grow? Isn't Mastodon sustainable already, since it doesn't rely on VC funding on the promise of future profits? I really can't follow any more good people ... ;)

What if there was a technology which enabled orgs to host their content on the Internet, which didn’t require people to go through a third party platform to access them?

Something available on a world wide basis, perhaps.

They could offer a really simply syndication system too.

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