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So Mastodon does NOT encrypt DMs.

I was able to trace a string directly from a DM into a the postgres database. There is no encryption at rest. Nor is there end to end encryption. (Yet!)

Here is a photograph of a DM with the string "N0VAn0vaN0VA"

Corporations will be here soon. News will be here soon. Being able to have your own domain and run your own instance is going to be the thing that sticks.

I hope everyone familiarizes themselves with the "Eternal September" concept, because this place will have similar vibes once it reaches a certain critical mass. It's not an if but a when.

One very big reason I'm investing in what @dansup is doing is because, while Twitter sucks, Meta is the bigger fish to fry.

Build a federated Instagram killer, we're all in business!

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New Mastodon instance owners should follow @Mastodon (and use the bell notification to get notifications like security releases); @feditips is another good account to follow for tips and hints!

Also, if you are a #MastoAdmin, I would recommend you follow @Mastodon and use the bell notification feature to get important notifications!

Another batch of new followers got their introduction toots boosted by yours truly.

This time roughly a fifth had proper introduction toots, and perhaps a third in all had something boostable on their profile.

This is an improvement! 🙂

I'll be boosting introduction toots as long as the toot that started this thread stays pinned. Please consider making it easy by *pinning* your introduction toot and tagging it with #introduction. :blobcat:

And most importantly, welcome and have fun! :blobcatfingerguns:

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I just added 27 new members to our Mastodon. Biggest growth spurt since day 1! Welcome!!!

Just a reminder that Twitter perceives the Fediverse as a threat, and their project Blue Sky is actively spreading FUD about ActivityPub on their website.

Hello from Los Angeles! I've been running my own instance for a few years now from a DigitalOcean vps so feel free to ask for help or advice. I kind of lurk around more often than making active posts but I have strong feelings about communities, transportation, and ethics in technology.

NYC shouldn't be looking for ways to end subway fare evasion. It should be looking for ways to end subway fares. The best price to use a subway is zero, just like the best price to walk down the sidewalk is zero.

For other server admins out there: It goes without saying ofc but if you have any questions regarding scaling I have some options and tips ❤️

I can't help with all since I'm also learning as we go :blobcatgiggle:​ But together we're always stronger 💪

A common issue for #Mastodon instances is a backlogged sidekiq queue. This is easily to fix by splitting up Sidekiq service files, you can see the files we use here:

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Hey, new denizens of the #fediverse: Sharing cool stuff you find is awesome and encouraged.

@jon The DWeb people seem to dislike federation a lot. This is why I call myself a federated systems engineer.

not saying SSB is nonsense; it's fun for what it is.

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Do the people ever include under its umbrella?

I never seem to see them give it any attention, always focusing on things like SSB or some other yet to be developed nonsense.

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